For good reason, there is an increased awareness of security risks for all types of businesses. Small companies as well as larger organizations can be exposed to the dangers of hackers, viruses and theft of confidential information.  Many companies have been diligent about implementing security measures to thwart attacks,  but have forgotten that their wireless printers and all-in-on devices need to be secured as well.

Many of today’s printers have a hard drive that stores data that has been transmitted to and from the device.  A criminal who gains access to the hard drive could retrieve valuable information including personnel records, accounting data or payroll information.

Any type of wireless device could expose your company to a cyber-criminal.  Wireless printers can be an easy target because, if not properly protected, can be accessed through a wireless network. Once access to a printer is gained, a criminal can plant malware or other viruses that can spread throughout your network, crippling your business. Some criminals will not only destroy the information on the hard drive but also “jump” to other devices on the network and corrupt or destroy files.

You can minimize the risk of a security breach by installing firewalls, wiping your printer’s hard drives frequently, encrypting your network and limiting network access. Taking these simple steps can greatly enhance your wireless printer security.