Uncontrolled spending in today’s business environment can be just plain frightening! The last un-audited area of most businesses is the office print environment. The scary part is, most companies don’t track, monitor or control their office print activities at all. Do you know who is doing the printing in your office? How much are they printing and what are they printing, black and white or color output? Without management, this can be a really scary area of business expense!

Three Scary Print Activities!

Controlling office print doesn’t have to be frightening, and it can save your company considerable time and money. Those savings will translate directly to your bottom line! Here are three scary print activities to address and avoid!

  • Scary Print Activity #1 – Most businesses don’t have a formal procurement process in place. In fact, 37 – 41% of all your company printers avoid a formal procurement process. Remember that inexpensive all-in-one printer you purchased at the big box store? Well the entry price may have been low, but often those printers require expensive consumables. Are your employees hiding those costs in their departmental budgets?
  • Scary Print Activity #2 – Out of control spending – Every employee in your office with access to a printer is making a buying decision every time they print a document. Color output from one of those “inexpensive” machines can cost upwards of $1.00 per page depending upon the toner coverage on the page and the cost. Imagine having a gas pump in the company parking lot and operating it on the honor system. Doesn’t seem very cost conscious does it? Well, it’s just like that with office printing, and you’re footing the bill!
  • Scary Print Activity #3 – 60 – 80% of used ink and toner cartridges end up in the trash where they can take up to 1,000 years to fully decompose! Few offices have a formal recycling process in place. Implementing one can not only save you money, it can move your company along the path to sustainability!

Controlling office print isn’t scary. Simply contact us for a free print assessment. It will help you to understand how much you’re actually spending on print. A complimentary print assessment isn’t scary, it’s a smart business decision that’s quick and easy to do!

Do you know how much your business is currently spending on print?  Contact us.