With the rapid rise of digital there have been many rumors over the past few years about the impending death of print as a business resource. It’s important to know that while things are changing (and many things in the business world are becoming digital) print isn’t dying. It’s simply evolving.

Why print just will not die

Here are three top reasons that print will be alive and well for businesses for many years to come:

  • Clients want printed options
  • Print technology offers better options than before
  • It’s a more permanent solution
  1. Clients like print. They really like it. – One of the biggest reasons you will still need multifunction printers in your workplace in the years to come is client demand. There are many people out there who still prefer printed material as opposed to digital. Direct mail is proven to still be a strong sales tactic as people respond to something they can hold in their hands. Even if a presentation is given digitally, most people claim to retain information better if they have a hand-out to follow along with the speaker.
  2. Print technology is getting better than ever – Even as technology changes the world around us, it is changing printing technology too. Many businesses use multifunction printers in new and exciting ways as they allow for more printing options. For example, you can now print saddle stitched booklets and bound books, too. No more running out to the local “Quick Printer” to get professionally printed documents and collateral. You can print in large and small batches too, so you aren’t wasting any paper.
  3. It is more permanent and harder to lose – One thing about digital is that if it’s lost, it’s lost. System crashes have been known to lose critical documents when they are needed most. It’s smart to keep important documents in different forms these days to avoid that. Having a pdf version and a printed version is the smartest way to ensure that you don’t lose an important document or presentation. That way, should a catastrophe occur, you always have a backup. Some clients even prefer to have printed versions of documents in hand, too.

There is room for both print and digital in the workplace

There is plenty of room for both print and digital in today’s working world. With all the advancements in multifunction printer technology and quality, it pays to have them in the office.

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