It’s important to have a complete understanding of your business. A print assessment can provide immediate insight into your company’s print behaviors, volumes and costs. Technology has made the process of monitoring print habits easier and can give a clear analysis over time. This data can be used to evaluate your current environment, as well as identify opportunities to reduce costs, boost productivity, improve workflow and reduce waste.

What Is a Print Assessment?

The typical print assessment examines several areas of your print environment, beginning with your existing technology. Your report will contain the following information:

  • Inventory of devices – A complete inventory of all print devices in your office, on and offline.
  • Usage by device – An in-depth analysis of actual print output by device and category (i.e. black and white, color)
  • Actual costs – Per page costs breakout per device and overall. Can determine which printers are the most cost efficient.
  • Energy Consumption – In the quest towards sustainability, energy consumption of print devices is monitored and addressed.
  • Recycling Practices – Do you recycle cartridges? Does your company have a recycling plan in place?

This report will give you an accurate understanding of your current state, and give you the knowledge to make educated long and short term decisions to address cutting costs.

Types of Assessments

There are three basic types of print assessment opportunities based upon the complexity of your environment and the size of your business. They are:

  • Walk Around – Just like it sounds, a print assessment can be as simple as walking around, taking an inventory and printing a configuration sheet first in the morning and another at close of business. This provides an inventory and a snapshot of daily print volumes.
  • Software – An MPS provider can deploy software that can track usage over a specific timeframe. This is a more in-depth analysis that can give an idea of actual volumes, costs and workflow.
  • Extended Onsite Service – Larger companies or multiple locations may benefit from a more in-depth onsite service. Recommended for collecting and analyzing data on a larger scale.

A print assessment may vary in scope depending upon the size of a company. Most companies can immediately benefit from an assessment with reduced costs, improved productivity and workflow and reduction in waste.  Contact us today for a no-obligation print assessment.