If you’re responsible for your office print environment, you know it only takes a couple of turkeys in the workplace to make a negative impact on your bottom line. Let’s face it. Every company has both employees who are super conscious of how much they print and use company resources—and those who simply don’t think about it. It’s the ones who don’t think about how they print that can cost you. That’s where having the right print management solutions in place can help.

What oversights can make someone a turkey in your print environment?

The following four mistakes can have a big impact on your office printing bills:

  1. Printing color when black and white would suffice
  2. Forgetting to reduce PowerPoint slides
  3. Printing instead of scanning
  4. Forgetting to recycle

Let’s look at these office printing oversights and see how print management solutions like ours could help.

Printing color when black and white would do. Color can be costly—nearly 10 times more costly than black and white. So when a turkey decides to randomly print color when black and white would be sufficient is like letting money slip away. Having good print management solutions in place, like making black and white your default, is a smart fix.

Not reducing PowerPoint slides. Graphic-heavy files like PowerPoint can consume the most. Remembering to reduce the slides so several fit on a page is a great solution for cutting costs.

Printing vs Scanning. Even a turkey should know that scanning documents and sending to recipients saves more resources than printing. Digital is more effective and efficient. Enough said.

Not recycling. One benefit of having print management solutions in place is not having to remember to recycle. (Toner cartridges are not built for landfills). Ask us about our recycling options to help you create a greener print strategy.

Put print management solutions in place.

Now might be the right time to do a print assessment of your current office print volumes and costs by user. With this type of fact-based information at your side, you’ll immediately be able to identify the turkeys in your office and help your company create a more effective print strategy for users and your bottom line.

Do you know how much your business is currently spending on print?  Contact us.