When Managed Print Services (MPS) was introduced about a decade ago, one big draw was (and continues to be) the potential for significant cost savings in an organization. From consolidating print services to providing a central source of IT support, MPS has proven its value in countless businesses’ bottom lines.

For the best outcomes, you should come away with a clear picture of the total cost of ownership of your print and IT resource infrastructure – measurable results that you can use as a baseline to realize year-over-year improvements.

But you have other advantages to consider when deciding on an MPS solution to foster better productivity and growth.

The Three “C”s (Beyond Cost)

  1. ConsultationYou can find a “print vendor” anywhere. But a true MPS provider takes an active interest in your enterprise and proactively suggests innovations that could help you grow your business. At the same time, the provider should realize the boundaries of budget and usage, and tailor their suggestions to ones that are feasible. The rise of mobile communications, for example, is an opportunity for your provider to assess your current IT infrastructure and outline the mobile technology that can enhance productivity while realizing cost savings.
  2.  Commitment Implementing a Managed Print strategy is a long-term commitment, which means the provider you choose must be ready to serve your organization today and well into the future. For your company, this translates to implementing change management programs, and training and supporting employees on new or existing equipment and work processes.
  3. Carbon Footprint – Proactivity is the watchword across enterprises committed to environmental sustainability. The amount of waste – in paper and toner – generated by duplication or overprinting, misformatted documents and lack of a centralized print workstation all contribute to the carbon footprint. Your MPS provider should have “green” best practices in place to mitigate waste: recycling programs, life cycle management and Energy Star-certified products.

Cost Savings and Much More
An established, proven MPS company provides the technology, training and support to improve your printer fleet and ensure your employees have access to the right device – whether stationary or mobile – when they need it.

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