Whether you’re making the decision to migrate to the cloud, or are already there and wondering how to best use it, one question looms large; the question of security.

Every day it seems like we hear about another security breach. It’s smart business to be concerned with moving your critical data and infrastructure out of your direct control and to the cloud. When you go online, you’ll see hundreds of helpful articles about cloud security, but it all boils down to two critical tasks; lock it down and back it up!

Locking It Down
The process of locking down your cloud consists of three components working together, they are:

  • The Obvious: Using Passwords – Make sure you use solid passwords that are hard to break; that means NOT “password”, “1234” or easily deciphered birthdays!
  • The Subtle: Local Data Encryption – Encrypting data locally before uploading adds another layer of protection. Even if a hacker cracks your cloud encryption during a breach, they’ll still need to crack your encryption. Most will give up!
  • The Critical: Educate Your Team – Educate your team members on the importance of following your data security protocols. Build a corporate culture that focuses on the importance of maintaining a secure computing environment.

The reasons for these practices are pretty obvious. Make sure every employee and every device, whether it’s your CEO’s smartphone or your sales team’s tablets, have the same level of security and that everyone follows protocol.

Back It Up
Data backup is as important on the cloud as it is in your office. Simply storing your data on the cloud does not ensure its backup. Unless you explicitly include a backup and disaster recovery plan in your contract, you run the risk of losing data.

Consider keeping truly critical data files and information backed up as both hardcopy files and digital data and keeping them offsite. This is a smart move when it comes to business recovery in the event of a breach or disaster.

Regardless of how you choose to structure your cloud infrastructure, keep these two key concepts in mind when it comes to cloud security; lock it down and back it up! It will keep your business up and running if the unthinkable happens. For more information on how to keep your information safe in the cloud, contact a PrimeEdge representative today!