In paper-heavy industries such as the legal industry, printing costs can be fairly significant. Experts estimate that in law offices 1-3% of their annual revenue is spent on print, with only one-third of that going to toner and other maintenance. Managed Print Services can help you gain control over your law firm’s print environment by providing insight into your real cost of printing and offer solutions to help you lower your expenses.

At the onset of your partnership an MPS provider will conduct a thorough analysis of your print environment to help you understand where your expenses are and will work with you to develop solutions to reduce costs and improve employee efficiency.

Options to improve your print environment may include consolidating and relocating printers within the office to reduce bottlenecks and  delays in high-traffic areas or converting paper documents to digital files to reduce search times, improve security and increase regulatory compliance.

MPS Benefits

MPS customers can expect to see some or all of the following improvements:

  • Increased productivity due to automation and digitization of files, as well as reduced wait times at printers.
  • Better security through the introduction of swipe key authorization, secure audit trails, and other security protocols.
  • Streamlined workflows with efficient and automated processes to deal with paperwork through the legal process.
  • Decreased costs with consolidated print management, better supply management, and improved employee productivity.

With briefs, depositions, document requests, and other paperwork that is often required to be produced in duplicate, print is an essential part of the legal industry. With Managed Print Services you can better understand your print environment and costs,  realizing cost savings, increased productivity, streamlined workflows and data security.

For more information on how Managed Print Services can benefit your law firm, contact a PrimeEdge Technology representative today!