More businesses are making the commitment to “go green.” Managed Print Services (MPS) can play a critical role in helping your business become more environmentally friendly. Making some simple changes to your printing systems can help you save the environment and benefit your bottom line too.

With Earth Day quickly approaching on April 22nd, we wanted to share a few ways that MPS can help your organization go green:

Print Assessment

A partnership with an MPS provider typically begins with a print assessment. A print assessment is a great way to identify what is working for your organization and what changes need to be made. An assessment will take into account an inventory of your equipment, usage levels of the equipment, areas of waste and much more.

Fleet Optimization

When was the last time you updated your printer fleet? Using old, obsolete machines typically means you are using more energy than you need to. A Managed Print Services provider can offer suggestions for consolidating your existing equipment and replacing your old machines with energy efficient equipment that offers a number of eco-friendly benefits.

Waste Reduction & Recycling

A Managed Print Services provider can help you institute a printing policy that will help minimize waste. Examples include toner reduction, duplexing and other conservative printing measures. Did you know that 60-80% of used printer cartridges end up in landfills where they can take over 1,000 years to decompose? An MPS provider can get you on the road to “green” by implementing a used cartridge recycling program in your office.

Paperless Office

Considering that paper is one of the biggest components in U.S. landfills (accounts for 26 million tons), the concept of “going paperless” is on the rise. An MPS provider can set up electronic systems that will allow you to digitally store your files and make them easily attainable and secure. Not only will this significantly minimize paper waste, it will also improve your workflows, too.

Implementing a Managed Print solution that includes an office print policy, upgrading to more efficient technology and recycling used print cartridges can go a long way towards sustainability. Not only will it help the planet, it will save you money and increase productivity.