Running a successful small to medium sized business means making connections with clients, providing a quality product and keeping costs low. Many businesses spend considerable time and effort trying to improve in these areas, but some may not realize that there is a simple technology they may not be fully leveraging: color printing.

The Benefits of Color

Research has shown that it’s possible to achieve positive, measurable, results by printing your business documents in colour. Here are some surprising statistics about the power of color:

  • Improve attention span by 82%
  • Increase comprehension by 73%
  • Increase retention and learning by 78%
  • Readers are 55% more likely to read direct mailers in color
  • You’re 44% more likely to receive calls if your phone number is in color
  • Brand recognition increases by 80%

These impressive benefits can be realized simply by incorporating color into your business printing.

An Affordable Solution

Color printing is perceived as both slow and expensive. Many companies who need color prints often outsource this task, giving up the control they would have by keeping the job in-house.  However, color printing can be an affordable measure even for small businesses. Modern printers are able to print color documents both efficiently and inexpensively. Investing in these printers will help improve your marketing and other business documents, with dramatic effects.

To learn how your business can enjoy the benefits of color printing, contact us today!