“Mobilgeddon” began the day Google changed their algorithm to favor mobile-optimized websites. It’s created a bit of a firestorm about the dominance of mobile technology. While mobile has become the buzzword of the day, the fact is mobile technology in the workplace is here to stay, giving rise to an opportunity and demand for on-the-go mobile print.

Mobile printing technology is a cloud-based solution that lets any employee with an Internet connection and network access print from their mobile devices. But there’s more to mobile printing than just hitting the print button. As mobile tools evolve businesses of all sizes are reaping the benefits of going mobile. Are you?

Here are four reasons to consider implementing a mobile print strategy for your business.

  • Convenience and Increased Productivity….for Employees: If you have workers on the road, spread throughout regional offices, or working from home, having printed documents is most likely a part of your business workflows. No matter if your employees are on the road or working on-site, all of your employees can use the same convenient mobile printing platform keeping them on the same page and boosting your team’s on-the-go productivity.
  • …and For IT : Another benefit of having mobile print is that everyone (visiting clients, contractors, new hires) can easily print documents within your network without having to involve your IT team. A good mobile print solution will create a consistent process making printing from laptops, tablets or smartphones easy – and can free your IT team to work on more critical tasks.
  • Decreased Security Risks: To avoid the risk of a security breach mobile security should be an important part of your overall mobile strategy, giving your business full control over which documents are shared and printed within the network. Standards for encryption, user authentication and audit capabilities should be clearly outlined making mobile print convenient AND secure.
  • Mobile Print and Your Bottom Line: When it comes to the pros and cons of any business decision, it all comes down to your bottom line. Mobile print can increase productivity, reduce your IT burden and bolster your network security saving you and your team both time and money.

While the 100% paperless office might be the future, most businesses still rely on paper to function. Mobile printing can help your information management strategy extend throughout your organization. Are you ready to talk mobile print? Give us a call and let us show you how, with the right tools, your information can be as mobile as your employees!