When you consider everything your organization’s print fleet is expected to do within your existing infrastructure – print, copy, scan, fax, send, store, save and even collate and staple – it’s no surprise that device downtime and unexpected costs sometimes enter into the picture.

For most companies expecting the IT staff to become instant print experts simply isn’t feasible.

The answer?

For many cost-conscious companies, it’s Managed Print Services (MPS). This outsourcing solution takes the burden of everyday and long-term management off your shoulders, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on core business needs.

A price you can afford

An MPS partner is dedicated not only to keeping the print fleet running, but also to saving your money. A print assessment of your workplace is the first step. It clearly outlines the gaps, redundancy and misuse of your print fleet, and proposes cost-saving options.

From there, the MPS policy you adopt takes care of every aspect of a well-designed documentation process:

  • Identifying and placing equipment where it best serves the needs of users – without redundancy or overlap
  • Providing network management and information technology integration, from platform support to cloud-based solutions
  • Training employees on print best practices to reduce the instances of wasted supplies and energy
  • Delivering just-in-time materials to avoid overpurchasing and the risk of material theft
  • Implementing processes to reduce your environmental footprint
  • Developing a data security plan that keeps your documentation in the right hands; creating a disaster recovery plan for those worst-case scenarios

Is MPS for you?

If you’ve ever wondered why your print costs just seem to keep rising – printing accounts for up to 15 percent of a typical workplace’s annual spending – outsourcing your print fleet to an MPS provider could be the ideal solution.

With an MPS solution in place, you’d get the advantages of field-proven print expertise without the need to ramp up your full-time staff. You’d learn about money-saving processes that keep your workplace at peak productivity and your data safe. And you’d enhance your company’s output to better compete in an already competitive marketplace.

Talk to an MPS representative today about a free print assessment.