While many companies know network security must be a top priority, in a recent survey only 39% of companies ranked printer security as such. This is an unfortunate oversight that cyber criminals are all too willing to take advantage of.

Print-Related Data Breaches

53% of IT managers know their printers are vulnerable to a data breach. 64% believe their printers may become infected with malware. However, less than 40% are confident in their ability to protect this part of their network. With printers being used in most modern offices, this leaves many companies vulnerable to a print-related data breach.

Preventing a Breach

Fortunately, printers can be secured. By implementing security protocols, you can help reduce your risk of being affected by a print-related breach.

  • Encrypt your data – By using encryption both in transmission and on the hard drive your data is more secure.
  • Erase the hard drive – Minimizing what is stored on the printer’s hard drive leaves less information for a hacker to steal.
  • Authenticate user access – Use a multi-layered approach and consider pull-printing for sensitive data.
  • Keep updated – Update your firmware regularly.
  • Use fleet management tools – To ensure that security protocols are being followed.

Printer security must be a top priority for any company concerned with the integrity of their network. By implementing security protocols, you can save your company thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in repairs. Contact us to learn more about deploying security solutions in your print environment.