The digital copier plays a critical role in the workplace as it serves as the hub for all copying, printing, scanning, and faxing activities. Like most pieces of complex machinery, your digital copier may break down over time. However, here are several ways that you can care for your copier to maximize its useful life:

1. Offer training to your employees.

Training for the copier needs to extend beyond showing employees how to press the button to copy or scan. By educating your employees about the various functions of your digital copier, you’ll minimize the amount of equipment downtime related to operator error.

2. Select the right copier for your needs.

The process of choosing a digital copier to best accommodate your organization’s needs can be overwhelming. Your Managed Print Services provider should begin the relationship by conducting a print assessment to determine your actual printing volumes and behaviors. By having this fact-based report, you can then select a copier that best aligns with your printing needs.

3. Keep your copier clean.

As a best practice, maintain the glass under the “hood” of your copier by cleaning it weekly. Also, use a vacuum every month to remove the debris that accumulates in paper drawers. Dust is a digital copier’s worst enemy, and keeping it clean will help to prolong the useful life of the equipment.

4. Prohibit sharp objects near the copier.

Sharp objects such as scissors can easily scratch your copier’s glass plate (known as the platen), which will negatively impact print quality.

5. Turn off the copier when not in use.

When the copier is not in use (i.e.: outside of business hours), make a point to turn the copier off. This best practice will save you money on your utility bill and help to reduce energy consumption.

6. Wipe your hard drive clean.

When your digital copier reaches its useful life, be sure to wipe its hard drive clean to prevent confidential information from getting into the hands of the wrong person.

Partnering with the right Managed Print Services provider for all of your maintenance needs is a cost-effective solution and will allow you to get the most from your digital copier. Contact us to learn more about maximizing the useful life of your copier.

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