Paper has the potential to damage all types of printing devices including copiers, printers and fax machines.  To make sure your paper does not cause printing problems, follow these important tips:

  • Storage – make sure your paper is stored in a dry area that has minimal humidity and is as clean as possible.  Too much humidity can result in paper curling at the edges or mold growth.
  • Environment – as much as possible, keep dust and dirt from accumulating on the paper.  Even fine dust particles can damage sensitive printing technology.
  • Packaging – keep paper in its original packaging until it is ready to use.  The packaging will help to prevent damage from humidity, dust or dirt.
  • Bends and tears – look for paper that has been bent at the edges or torn before loading into the machine.  Avoid using damaged paper to reduce the likelihood of paper jams.
  • Loading – before inserting new paper into your device, fan the paper to loosen any pages that could be stuck together.  Look carefully at the packaging to determine if there is a particular direction for the paper to be loaded.  Often you can see an arrow indicator or “this side up” on the package.

Proper storage and use of quality paper can help your copier, printer or fax machine to last much longer and avoid troublesome paper jams or malfunctions.

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