Cybercrime is on the rise, and small to medium sized businesses are becoming increasingly at risk of attack, due in part to lapses in security.

Each year data theft costs businesses 445 billion dollars worldwide. In order to defend your company against a cyberattack you’ll need to perform a thorough assessment of your current infrastructure in order to identify areas of particular concern and vulnerability—and a great place to start is at your printer.

When it comes time to upgrade your print equipment look for the following features to ensure regulatory compliance, improve document workflows, and keep your sensitive data safe.

  1. Secure document release. Documents left unattended, unclaimed or forgotten at the printer can easily be copied, scanned or stolen by anyone with access to the area. This issue can be prevented by choosing a printer that offers user authentication, which requires individuals to input a unique PIN code at the printer before receiving their print orders.
  2. Data encryption. As information travels across your network both to and from the printer it may be intercepted by hackers. Data encryption solutions scramble the information making it unreadable and worthless to thieves.
  3. Password protection. In addition to wasting valuable space and resources, hardcopy documents are at risk of theft or damage, and should be stored in a dedicated, secure, offsite facility as long as they are needed. Scanning and digitizing these documents before password protecting them allows authorized parties to view, share and edit files safely and securely.
  4. Audit trails. Authentication and auditing software allow you to monitor printer usage according to user, and identify when and what was printed.
  5. Data clearing. Your printer is a type of computer, with an internal hard drive that stores images of documents that are printed, scanned, or copied. Choose a printer that allows you to delete this data on demand, using the latest clearing algorithms.
  6. Secure scanning. The right printer gives you the option to password protect PDF files to prevent unauthorized access and viewing.
  7. Automated cloud services. Ensure employees are following protocol by implementing cloud-to-device automation solutions for easy, secure access to your documents.

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