Managing important student information and documentation can be a drain your school’s staff and resources. Whether you are involved in running a K through 12 or post-secondary program at the college or university level, here are some common challenges within the education sector you can probably relate to:

  • Fluctuating enrollment
  • Funding Cuts
  • Unpredictable budgets
  • Student data security risks
  • Traditional hardcopy to digital migration
  • Workflow Issues
  • Staff productivity bottlenecks
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Education Services

At PrimeEdge, we’re proud of the business relationships we’ve formed with so many of the educators in the communities we serve. Here are some common business outcomes you to can achieve with your own customized solution to improve both the teaching and learning experience.

  • Cost Reduction
  • Budget control & predictability
  • Improved service levels
  • Boost educator productivity
  • Eliminate unnecessary copying / printing
  • Greener print strategy


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