Mobile devices are everywhere. Indeed, 51% of digital media is now viewed on a mobile device, and Google is moving to rank non-mobile-friendly websites lower in search results. This ever-growing trend makes it crucial for your business to have a mobile strategy to reach your customers where they are.

Mobile Statistics

Millennials are now the largest living generation in the US – and they love their mobile devices. More than 85% of Millennials own a smartphone and 20% use their phone exclusively for web browsing. Having grown up surrounded by technology, this large group of consumers is extremely comfortable in the mobile environment, necessitating a good mobile strategy to reach this customer base.

Shopping via a mobile device is on the rise, with 75% of users conducting searches and purchases via their phones and tablets, even while in-store. The majority of adults keep their phones within arm’s reach around the clock, making it convenient to find products and services whenever the need arises. Half of all travel and restaurant searches conducted on a mobile device lead to a purchase, proving that mobile technology is an effective means of reaching customers.

Consumers also prefer being contacted via smartphone with 95% of coupons received by text being opened within minutes of receipt and 20% of those being shared with friends and family. Being able to receive a special promotion, view it, share it, and use it all from one device make these promotions more successful and customers more likely to make purchases.

Mobile Strategy

It’s important to recognize that mobile devices have their own requirements to provide the best experience to users. Some factors to keep in mind include:

  • A clean design
  • Reduced text
  • Layouts that adjust to the screen size of the device
  • Easy to use navigation

By accommodating mobile users, you are making it more likely for users to stay on, use and return to your site.

Apps are another great way to reach consumers, providing a rich interface that promotes the development of a continuing relationship. Apps add functionality, such as live chat and click-to-call, which provide a seamless user experience and easy access to help.

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