Even as more businesses migrate to the cloud, many small businesses continue to use rely primarily on paper documents. When you’re small, keeping track of information on paper is easy, so why go through the time and expense of digitization, right?  Not so fast.

Digital documents improve workflows, allow for better audit trails, make response times faster, and improve productivity. Maybe the real question should be, “what are you waiting for?”

Now Is The Time

In a small office, every employee’s time is crucial. If just one person is spending valuable time searching for paper documents, productivity suffers. The fact is, paper gets misplaced. A recent survey by Software Advice found that in the average paper-based office six hours per week are spent searching for documents.

Digitizing your files ensures that every document is secure, easily found, and available from anywhere, anytime 24/7. Frankly, paper documents can be holding your business back. Even in an office where everything is filed perfectly and findable, it doesn’t help your sales team when they need a file to close an important deal from the road. Digitization improves productivity, enhances document sharing and allows collaboration like never before!

Let’s look at several areas digitization can impact your business productivity.

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable – Accounting is the perfect candidate to benefit from digitization. Systems can be set up to allow employees to scan invoices, orders, and payables from their desk with a mouse click. Once the information is entered into the system it can be easily analyzed, scheduled for payment, and filed. This also eliminates human errors from manual processes.
  • HR Onboarding – Most small businesses have one or two people responsible for HR. This includes hiring, firing, payroll, benefits, time tracking, billing and regulatory compliance. Going digital makes their jobs easier, speeds up hiring, and prevents loss of documents from human error, like those needed for an audit or regulatory compliance!
  • Mobile Workforce – When workers can share and collaborate easily, productivity soars. Digitization allows your team to easily share, edit, collaborate and access information as needed. That means fewer meetings and better customer service!

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