No other piece of office equipment on the market today affords users the versatility of a multifunction printer (MFP), which does the work of as many as four single-use machines. Most MFPs are capable of print, copy, scan, and fax operations, which in addition to the reduced footprint, can help to increase productivity, enhance document workflow, and reduce the cost of document production.

If you’re considering one or more MFPs for your business there are some key questions you should ask yourself to ensure your satisfaction and to get the most for your money; here is a great list to get you started.

  1. What do you need? The right MFP not only performs basic functions such as copying and printing, but will help you better manage forms and documents, reduce paper usage, and enhance document workflow. Ask yourself how many users will need to have access to the MFP, if color is a necessity, and what the volume of work will be.
  2. What is the cost of operation? Be sure to look into the cost of supplies, service and maintenance. Find out if you will be receiving OEM parts and supplies or if the vendor providing the service will be using aftermarket parts and supplies, which could affect the validity of your warranty.
  3. What do the experts say? Compare the manufacturer’s specifications to that of an independent third party and listen to what industry experts have to say about the product before you buy.
  4. What software and solutions are available? Inquire about compatible software and solutions from both the vendor and their partners.
  5. Can the MFP multitask? Determine if the MFP is capable of performing a number of functions simultaneously, to enhance productivity and reduce downtime due to bottlenecks.
  6. What about security? Similar to any other device on your network, your MFP must meet the security and confidentiality needs of your business. Ask if  the entire system is secure or simply individual sub system components. Make sure the scalability of its security is capable of growing with your needs.
  7. How steep is the learning curve? Choose an MFP that is user friendly, requires minimal training, has intuitive interfaces, and offers easily accessible online documentation and support.

Choosing the right MFP for your business is the first step towards streamlining document workflow, increasing productivity, and saving money on print-related costs. Contact us today to find out if a multifunction printer is right for your business.

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