Today, more than ever before, business is driven by technology. That’s why Managed IT Services is one of the fastest growing businesses in the technology sector. With the cloud, personal devices, smartphones, mobile printing and more, making it all work together seamlessly and securely is a full time job.

A good Managed IT Services provider will provide 24/7/365 network monitoring, help desk support, data and infrastructure management, on-site technical support and more. Their job is to keep your network safe, secure and updated to make your workflows more efficient.

If you’re considering outsourcing your IT to a Managed IT Services provider, here are a few tips to help you hire the right team:

  • They ask the right questions – They should want to know everything about your business and needs – from your cloud provider to specific technologies and workflows. They will ask about specific security and data management protocols. The right provider will have as many questions for YOU as you will for them.
  • They should offer 24/7/365 remote monitoring – Your provider should offer 24/7/365 remote monitoring. With monitoring and remote repair your provider can address issues before they become critical. Choose a provider that offers complete monitoring that includes all workstations, servers, your network, firewalls, routers and switches.
  • They should offer 24-hour support, remote repair and onsite support – Your business needs protection and coverage 24 hours a day. You should be able to call at any time and speak to a live support person for any problem. The right provider will offer immediate service and onsite support when needed.
  • They should know your industry – A knowledgeable provider will understand your industry and the specific technological needs of your business. They will go beyond simply offering technological recommendations and will work with you to improve workflows, offer training and update software.

Want to learn more? We can show you how Managed IT Services can free up your time so you can focus on your core business. A Managed IT Services provider will keep your business running more efficiently, improve your workflows and your network security.

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