Even in a “paperless” business environment, it’s pretty clear that print still holds an important role in the organizational workflow – from simple documents distributed to stakeholders to high-stakes presentations created and shared in the cloud.

So you’d likely agree that a “printer down” notice is something that could seriously impede workflow and even contribute to lower productivity.

Today’s multifunction printers (MFPs) – known as “all in one” devices that print, copy, scan and send, from the office or remotely – make the most of today’s diverse, mobile workforce.

Like any sophisticated technology, MFPs and printers require regular review for functionality and possible issues. That’s where a Managed Print Services (MPS) partner comes in.

Stay Docu-Ready
Through an MPS program, you’ll learn what kind of equipment best suits your organization to gain the most benefit.

An MPS provider will take a consultative and proactive approach:

  • You receive routine printer maintenance and materials support to keep your office documents flowing. Your consultant can use software to monitor the performance of your printers, and catch small issues before they turn into big problems.
  • An MPS provider has a vested interest in keeping your business productive while identifying potential cost savings. An assessment of your company’s workflow by your consultant will net recommendations on what kind of devices to use – and where they should go. Your office, for example may not need several printers when only a few will provide the necessary support for networked high-volume users, while less-invested departments may find simple desktop printers or scanners more suitable and affordable.
  • You’ll also benefit from an MPS expert who can demonstrate how to save money on paper and toner by printing more strategically, as well as how to keep sensitive materials secure.

Enhance productivity with Managed Print Services

Why risk document downtime when you can access support from printing experts? A Managed Print Services program can keep your devices at their best to enhance the quality of your documentation and improve day-to-day workflow.

Countless organizations, both large and small, rely on MPS programs to enhance productivity and document security. You can, too.