There was a time, in the not so distant past, when office security meant locking your file drawers at night, and installing heavy duty locks on your front door. These days there is a new way for criminals to enter your premises without even setting a foot inside. IT vulnerability is of particular concern among the small to medium-sized business market, who often lack the resources or manpower required for full-time IT management. Fortunately there is a solution, but the first step towards protecting your confidential data is prevention, beginning by identifying the most common areas of IT vulnerability.

Top 5 IT Vulnerabilities

  1. Web browsers. While browser vendors such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer attempt to keep on top of vulnerabilities, they continue to exist. And though patches are often quick to follow their discovery, a lack of IT management can result in a delayed reaction time, and a loss of data.
  2. USB devices. These compact, inconspicuous, inexpensive devices are to blame for the majority of network infections, initiated from inside a firewall.  Through thumb drives, and other devices using USB technology, hackers find easy access to deploy malware, which can execute immediately upon connecting with the USB port.
  3. Email. One click is all it takes to open a malicious file sent through email, setting the wheels in motion for a company-wide security breach.
  4. Unsecured Wi-Fi. Wireless access points are convenient, providing employees easy, immediate access to your network, but regardless of whether or not encryption is used, they are an IT vulnerability you can’t ignore.
  5. Password security. Failing to institute strict password guidelines can leave your network open to intrusion. Hackers can crack simple passwords with ease, and often find applications where the default password is still in use, using them to gain access to your network.

The Solution

Auditing password policies, wireless authentication, and email access control are just a few solutions that Managed IT Services can implement, as part of a broad approach to reduce the impact of IT vulnerabilities in your office.

A security breach can devastate your business, leaving your financial information, and personal data pertaining to both you and your customers, there for the taking. Managed IT Services can help, with customized solutions that can protect your vital information, give you peace of mind, and allow you to focus on what’s really important: growing your business.

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