Whether a business is struggling to make ends meet, or it’s flourishing, managing expenses should always be a priority routine.  It can be easy to ignore costs if the sales and profit numbers look good.  But without a regular review, these expenses can eat away at your bottom line.

Printing is one of the areas where hidden expenses can erode profits.  Take a look at these areas to help reduce the expense of color print:

  • Introducing a Print Policy – By carefully managing people or departments that are permitted to use color print, you can save by eliminating a lot of unnecessary color printing.
  • Use Print-Savvy Default Settings – With a few modifications to print drivers the defaults can be adjusted to black and white, and two-sided printing.  While the defaults can be overridden by users with permission, this does allow the majority of print routines to use less toner and less paper.
  • Reduce Color Printers While Increasing Black and White – Make color print available only in select areas of the office, and then introduce black and white printers that are centrally located and easy to access.

Scheduling a print assessment with an established Managed Print Services provider can help you to identify other areas where printing expenses could be reduced.  This may even include reducing the number of printers overall.  Contact us today, for a free no-obligation assessment of your print environment.