There’s no question that more businesses are embracing digital technology than ever before. However, some industries, particularly the banking industry, still remain heavily paper-driven.

Many banks are still using paper processes for checking accounts, loan applications, mortgages, and other services that customers need. With so much paper circulating through the branch network and back-office operations, a lot of time is wasted either searching for printed documents or dealing with printer issues and supplies. This is where taking advantage of Managed Print Services can greatly benefit the banking industry.

Here are five key ways that banks can benefit from Managed Print Services:

1. Offer valuable insight to actual printing costs.

Surprisingly, many banks are not aware of the total cost that they are spending on printing each year. Upon partnering with a Managed Print Services provider, a detailed print assessment will be completed to reveal actual printing behaviors, volumes and costs. This fact-based data will then be used to optimize printing processes and find opportunities to reduce costs, increase productivity and minimize waste.

2. Manage your entire printing fleet.

A Managed Print Services provider can manage your existing print fleet, regardless of the manufacturer or model. Also, based on your printing requirements, a Managed Print Services provider can design the optimal printing environment for your workplace, helping to boost productivity and reduce costs by up to 30 percent.

3. Reduce service calls.

Managed Print Services embraces technology that uses the latest usage data and analytics to proactively alert them when service or consumables may be needed. This helps to minimize downtime or interruption in workflows.

4. Improve workflow efficiency.

When banks are relying too heavily on paper processes, they risk encountering errors and delays in taking care of their customers. Managed Print Services can digitalize these workflows, allowing them to be more secure, traceable and efficient.

5. Provide more sustainable operations.

In addition to providing banks with energy efficient equipment, a Managed Print Services provider can also make operations more sustainable by helping to reduce reliance on paper. A Managed Print Services provider can also help organizations start a recycling program, which will help the environment and save you money.

Contact us today and ask about our complimentary print assessment service. We’ll show you how Managed Print Services can help you reduce costs, optimize workflows, boost employee productivity and eliminate avoidable waste.