There is a plethora of new tech trends emerging that promise to merge the real world and the virtual world in exciting—and once unthinkable—ways. Many of these trends won’t happen simultaneously or at the same pace, but what they promise for a new world of technology is the stuff scientists used to dream about. Here are four coming innovations that will make our world a more fascinating place:

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT) – The Internet of Things has been talked about for a while, so the trend isn’t as new as it is finally seeing its fruition. As mobile devices continue to dominate and smart technology begins infiltrating everything from our cars to our retail outlets, the world is about to be more connected than ever. Computing will be everywhere.
  2. Big Data Everywhere – There will be embedded intelligence and heavy analytics applied to more things. Soon systems will know more about you than you ever imagined—empowering everything from your home to your car to the way you shop. It will create a smart machine era that might be as disruptive as it is exciting.
  3. Cloud Computing – Like the Internet of Things, the cloud isn’t new, it is just is evolving. The convergence of cloud technology and mobile computing will continue to drive the ability for more apps to be delivered to any device at any time.  Data will be available at the touch of a finger from virtually anywhere, on any device.
  4. Risk Based Protection–Security is Key – As the digital world continues to expand, security will matter more than ever. People will rely on security in both business and personal worlds like never before. And security policies will need to keep pace with changing technology so that business progress isn’t hampered along the way. Organizations will have to get more sophisticated in their risk assessment and mitigation practices.

The Tech World is Changing Fast. Get Ready to Get on Board

These are just a few emerging tech trends that will become more commonplace in 2015—making both our work lives and our personal lives more connected and “smarter” than ever.