Habits – so easy to acquire, so hard to break. When seemingly unimportant behaviors become second-nature in the office, however, the result could compromise the functionality of your printer and the security of your documents.

Think about these office habits and their consequences:

  • “Forgetting” to pick up confidential or sensitive originals and copies. With distractions like phone and email, many print users forget or put off picking up their copies. If the document has confidential or sensitive information, however, the result could be a breach of security. Make a habit of not hitting “print” until you are sure you’re available for pick-up. A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can introduce you to multifunction printers that actually wait for you to arrive before they print.
  • Throwing out empty print cartridges. Keeping the print area clean is important, but the habit of tossing used cartridges in the trash only contributes to environmental issues. Did you know the plastic-based cartridge may sit in a landfill for hundreds of years before biodegrading? An MPS provider can help implement a recycling program, where used print cartridges may get a new life as another product!
  • Causing paper jams through improper loading. A ream of paper ready for the printer can actually cause jams if some sheets are bent, creased, torn or stuck together. To load properly, look at the packaging – you’ll likely see an arrow which indicates “this end up” in the machine. Then, before you load, lightly fan the stack to avoid sticky sheets, and give the entire ream a quick once-over for flaws that may cause jams later on.

Breaking each of these little habits is a useful step toward getting better results from your high- and low-volume printers. For more useful tips on getting great print quality while controlling costs, contact a Managed Print Services provider.